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Can you customize your menu according to our specifications?

Our menu planners will work with you to customize a menu specifically for your event. During the planning process, we'll ask for information including number of guests, service style preferences, dietary preferences, taste preferences and more to create your menu.


Do you have a program on food waste reduction and management?

At Great Performances, we consider our global impact at every stage of the pro- cess, from ideating and creating dishes and menus through even services and waste reduction programs. We believe in full utilization of ingredients, ensuring every part of the plant or animal is used in a delicious dish. At events and our production facilities, we have comprehensive waste/disposable programs that include recycling, composting, material repurposing and surplus food recovery programs directed for immediate use by shelters and places in need.

SHAUN ROBERTS Vice President of Sales 212-337-6074

How much do curated kits cost?

Curated kits have a very broad price range because they’re so customized. The cost per kit depends on size of the box, quantity of kits being purchased, number of items within the kit, quality of items, and if there is a virtual extension. Prices can start anywhere from $25 per kit and go upwards of $200..

MAIN KITCHEN & OFFICE 2417 Third Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451 212.727.2424

What are the price ranges of your virtual experiences?

RDP, our in house virtual production team, has a starting price of $3500.

What is the time frame to create a gift by mail?

Depending on the quantity of kits needed, items selected, and distance shipped, our ideal timeframe is a four week or greater working period from inception to completion.

Can I provide my own giveaways?

Absolutely! The kits can be completely customized and can be packed with any products you specify. We just ask that you mail us your giveaway products so our operations team can kit pack in our warehouse.

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of kits per order?

We currently do not have any minimum or maximum restrictions for orders.

What if i would like to do a virtual experience without a physical kit?

@gpfood | | 212.727.2424

Absolutely, we are happy to partner with you to host a virtual experience! Connect with us on your goals and vision and we’ll be happy to brainstorm on your behalf and coordinate all of the necessary elements to bring your virtual experience to life.

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