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SIMPLE SYRUPS SET Be your own mixologist at home with our variety of simple syrups. We include garnishes and recipe cards that instruct the right spirit and ingredients for delicious cocktails. We can customize the collection with additional ingredients, cocktail equipment, and snacks.

BOTANIC COCKTAIL KITS Try our jars of colorful, dehydrated cocktail ingredients that instantaneously become repurposed with the touch of liquor of your choosing. The ingredients delightfully infuse the spirit within in the jar, which serves 5-6 cocktails.

Bento Boxes, Celebration Meals, Workplace Dining, Family Meals

HOT CHOCOLATE KIT Hot Cocoa Kit with flavor enhancers of peppermint and vanilla

MULLEDWINE Cinnamon Sticks Star Anise Crystalized Ginger Dark Brown Sugar Chrysanthemum Dehydrated Lemons Dehydrated Oranges Cranberries Pink Peppercorn Black Currants Dark Brown Sugar OLD FASHIONED Dehydrated Oranges Dried Cherries

HIBISCUS FIZZ Dehydrated Thyme Dehydrated Lemons Hibiscus

Pink Peppercorn Juniper Berries

HABANEROMARGARITA Dehydrated Oranges Dehydrated Lemons Dehydrated Pineapple Dehydrated Strawberries Habanero Peppers

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