GP Hospitality at Home - Chilled Summer Soups

Great Performances Hospitality at Home Chilled Summer Soups


Created and developed by Chef Georgette Farkas for Great Performances Servings: 4 – 6

Ingredients : For the soup 1 cantaloupe (or other ripe, orange-fleshed melon), chilled, peeled, and seeded

For the garnish 12 cantaloupe balls 1 tsp lime segments, diced 1 tsp Lillet 12 petals from edible flowers such as nasturtium or marigold (optional)

1 lime, juiced ¼ cup Lillet Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cut peeled and seeded cantaloupe into one inch pices. Place about 1/4 of the melon pieces in blender or food processor and process at high speed until puréed. Gradually add remaining melon, processing until smooth. 2. Add lime juice and Lillet and blend briefly. Season with salt and pepper to taste and blend again. If desired, for a more refined consistency, strain soup through fine sieve or even a sieve lined with cheese cloth.

3. Chill soup until ready to serve. Serve ice cold.

4. Toss melon balls and lime dice garnish in just enough Lillet to coat. Arrange in individual chilled soup bowls. Arrange edible flowers over melon balls and lime. Pour well chilled soup around garnish.

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