GP Hospitality at Home - Chilled Summer Soups

Great Performances Hospitality at Home Chilled Summer Soups

Introduction The success of these summer soups is in the bright, bold flavors, which you can adjust to suit your own palate. Serving them well chilled will make a big difference. You might even go the extra mile and chill your soup bowls. We suggest pouring the soups tableside so that your guests will enjoy the garnish you’ve arranged in each bowl. Pour only enough to come just about halfway up the sides of the garnish so that the colorful fruits and vegetables remain visible. Alternatively, serve the chilled soups as an hors d’oeuvre, poured into shot glasses or small juice glasses. For the latter, select one of the garnishes, such as a cucumber slice or small melon wedge. Make a small incision and place a garnish over the edge of each glass. There are several equipment options when it comes to puréeing the soups. Choose a food processor, a blender or even an immersion or stick blender. If using the latter, be sure to use a high sided container to avoid splattering.

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